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Mekong Queen Cruise

Mekong Queen Cruise Mekong BoatIf you have only one day or two days and you need a Mekong river life outlook. CaiBe – Vinh Long is a good choice. If the most populated places are rather much visited, as soon as you get away from the crowds, you are getting in touch with the nice people of the delta and their always welcoming attitude. Boating along Mekong River is a pleasant way to escape the bustle of the city centre. And let the Mekong Queen brings you closer to Vietnamese local lives in Mekong Delta.
Featuring five different excursions, the Mekong Queen services will surely take you beyond Delta’s stunning sites and charming people. It is possible to take tours on small boats into the more remote rivers for getting through local villages in comfort. It is also possible to cycle around the rude road through local lives and along the river when you get off on board. Food tastes better when flavored by the chef who has a passion for his art. The same thing applies to a variety of activities in life.

Mekong Queen Cruise
Mekong Queen Cruise

The Mekong River is one of the world's 10th rivers in its river length and has great influences upon nature and societies of the Indo-china Peninsula. The name "MEKONG" originates in Thai language, Mae Nam Khong. The Mekong River is the heart and soul of mainland Southeast Asia, which runs 4,800 kilometers from its headwaters on the Tibetan Plateau through Yunnan Province of China, Burma, Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam. The source of the Mekong River is in Tibet Mountains and is called Dza Chu River (River of Rock). After running through very narrow valley paralling Yangz Jiang and Salween River, the Mekong reaches to Yung-Nan Province of China and is called Lancang Jiang (Turbulent River). Via Golden Triangle, the crossing of Burma, Thailand, and Laos border, the Mekong flow into Vientiane Plain. The term, Lower Mekong means downstream segment from the point. There are some notorious rapids for French navigation plan in colonial period before the Mekong get to Cambodia, and the last segment is the Mekong Delta in Viet Nam, which distributes grate influences to agriculture, especially paddy fields there. According to a sketch on the right, we can see this long river with some segments hereinafter. Over 60 million people depend on the Mekong and its tributaries for food, water, transport and many other aspects of their daily lives. Its annual flood drought cycles are essential for the sustainable production of rice and vegetables on the floodplains and along the riverbanks during the dry season. Known as the Mother of waters, the river supports one of the world's most diverse fisheries, second only to the Amazon.

The Mekong of Vietnam is one of the two main rice bowls of the country. Dominated by Large lowland Stretching from Cambodia to Sai Gon, the surrounding lands are comprised of low lying rice paddies and the rivers are bordered by dense mangroves and palms. The tributaries of the hectic Mekong River highway provide a comprehensive network of canals and channels. The rivers are the best methods to explore the region at a leisurely pace and offer the opportunity to experience the truly unique Mekong River lifestyle.

Mekong Queen Cruise Tour Mekong River
Mekong Queen Cruise Tour Cai Be - Vinh Long - Sa Dec in 1 Day
Itinerary: Saigon - Cai Be - Cai Be Floating Market - Dong Phu - Binh Hoa Phuoc - An Binh - Vinh Long - Sa Dec - Saigon
Prices: From US$ 96
Duration: 1 Days/0 Night
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Mekong Queen Cruise Mekong Delta Mekong Queen Cruise Tour from Cai Be - Vinh Long in 1 Day
Itinerary: Saigon - Vinh Long - Cai Be
Prices: From US$64
Duration: 1 Days/0 Night
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Mekong Queen Cruise Mekong River Mekong Queen Cruise Tour from Vinh Long - Cai Be in 1 Day
Itinerary: Saigon - Vinh Long - Cai Be
Prices: From US$64
Duration: 1 Days/0 Night
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Mekong Queen Cruise Vietnam Travel Mekong Queen Cruise Tour from Cai Be - Dong Hoa Hiep in 1 Day
Itinerary: Saigon - Cai Be - Cai Be Floating Market - Dong Hoa Hiep - Saigon 
Prices: From US$ 58
Duration: 1 Days/0 Night
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Mekong Queen Cruise Tour Vietnam Mekong Queen Cruise Tour from Cai Be - Dong Hiep Hoa - Vinh Long in 2 Days
Itinerary: Saigon - Cai Be - Dong Hiep Hoa - Vinh Long - Saigon
Prices: From US$ 137
Duration: 2 Days/1 Night
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